Make Coco Alea a Part of Your Memories and Milestones

My Reason

Yesterday Made 2 Years Since I {Cedes} Decided To Rekindle My Love of Jewelry Making and Creating Beauty For Women ->

I First Began Selling My Jewelry in 2005 and After Years Of Doing That I Decided to Focus on My Primary Business and Freeing Up My Time to Raise and Care For My Children.

My Reasons to Begin Again  ->

1} I Spent 2 Decades Building My Business in Bookkeeping and Services That Provide My Clients an Easier Living in Their Personal Lives as Well as Their Business Lives However, This Type of Work Leaves NO Room For Creativity, For Obvious Reasons, Lol.  So, My Creative Side Needed This •

2} 2 Years Ago My Youngest, Manaia (Colby) Graduated High School & Planning Ahead I Knew Going From Being So Involved in Her Sports and Schooling and Her Life I’d Need Something To Fill Some of The Time I Would Have on My Hands •

3} Last But Definitely Not Least, I Decided to Bring My Manaia on Board, To Rebuild What is Now Coco Alea Hawaii, Named After Her.  I Want Her To Have a Way To Create Income For Herself Independently. Both of Us Being Women Born & Raised in Hawaii Nei, I Want My Daughter To Be Able To Make a Way To Provide For Herself, Learn How To Build a Business, Be Educated in How To Sustain a Business For The Long Haul, and To Be Able To Create Beauty From a Place of Beauty To Make Others Feel Beautiful •

My Mama Started Her Own Business When I Was In Intermediate School, She Allowed Me To Learn & Watch and That Business Has Been Going For 40 Years. So, 21 Years Ago When I Decided to Go Into Business For Myself & By Myself It Was Her Example That I Drew Courage From and It’s the Same Courage I’m Passing Onto Hoping To My Instill in My Manaia •

Mahalo Mamas For Loving and Supporting Us and Being Patient With Us As We Learn and Navigate The In’s & Outs • and To All You Women Entrepreneurs, We Are Watching You and Being Inspired Daily By You!!! We Have So Much More To Learn From You All!!

“Ma Ko’u ‘Ao ‘Ao A Pau Iā Ia Nō ‘Oe E Nānā Aku Ai, A Nānā Nō E Ho’opololei I Kou Hele ʻAna”

                 Proverbs 3:6


XO, Coco

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