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Ready Your Heart...

Ready My Heart
Ready My Mind
Ready My Body
How We Begin Our Day Helps Facilitate The Remainder of It.
One of the Greatest Tips Starts The Night Before and That’s Getting a Good Nights Rest In Order To Have a Great Next Day…
If You Have a  Creative Mind That Is Constantly Creating Products, Spaces, Outfits, Sketching, Recipes, Writing Devotions, Having Dreams, Etc.
My Most Helpful Tip is To Keep a Notebook On Your Nightstand, Get Your Vision On Paper ASAP So You Can Rest.
These A Few of the Ways (Simplified) We Prepare To Start Our Day ->
Heart Ready -> Prayer, Gratitude & Journaling
What Do You Do To Prepare Your Heart For Your Day?
Mind Ready -> Capture Negative Thoughts, Prioritize Tasks in Order For the Day, Listen to a Podcast
What Do You Do To Prepare Your Mind For Your Day?
Body Ready -> Hydrate, Stretch, Get Some Sunlight, Move Body
What Do You Do To Prepare You Body For Your Day?
Beauties, Have a Purpose Filled, Mighty, Business Building, Day!!
 XO, Coco

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