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FLOW by Coco

FLOW by Coco

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Our Flow Spray is a Topical Magnesium Spray  With a Hint of Geranium Oil & Patchouli Oil That is Absorbed Through the Skin Delivering This Mineral To

•Help With Relief of Aches, Pains, Migraines, Headaches & Spasms. Magnesium is a Natural Muscle Relaxant.  

•Sleep Improvement: Magnesium Works to Relax GABA Receptors in the Brain & Nervous System

•Stress Relief

•Decrease Hypertension 

•Skin Care: Help to Reduce Oiliness & Stress-Related Skin Irritations Such as Acne and Rosacea. 


Spray Magnesium Oil Directly onto Your Skin After a Shower When Skin is Clean and Free of Lotions, Etc. 

Please Note That The First Few Times You May Experience an Uncomfortable Tingling But This is Normal.